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Yesterday, you received my first letter about my Autoresponder system and how you can use it to make more money.

This is the second letter in my series of follow up messages.

As you were reading my message yesterday, you may have been thinking, “Does this really work? Can I actually use this to make more money in less time?”.

Friend, … I want you to realize something as you are reading this message:

You requested it either by sending an email or filling out a form online. My system responded and you are reading this information right now.

And while you are reading this message, thousand of others are doing the same thing.

Did you get that?

Right now, thousands of potential clients are reading my sales letters. My system is sending these messages out all over the world to everyone that has requested information.

My point is…. it works.

You can put this same power to work for you in your own business. You don’t need to be a computer genius. All the software and technology sits on our servers. All you have to do is open your account and set up your sales letters.

We have step by step instructions to walk you through the setup process. You can be up and running in about five minutes!

We even have training articles available to show you how to write great sales letters!

Friend, this system works and you are living proof because of the fact that you are reading this message right now.

Imagine being able to get your sales messages out to hundreds or even thousands… even tens of thousands of prospects 24 hours a day… 7 days a week.

Imagine being able to test new ad copy instantly by sending a new ad or announcement out to your entire subscriber list at the push of a button.

Imagine being able to know that no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, your Autoresponder is working hard to help you close more sales and generate more leads.

It can happen and it’s absolutely free to you for the next 30 days.

Test drive our Autoresponder system at zero cost and zero risk. Kick the tires and see exactly how this system can work to help you close more sales in less time.

Then only after you are convinced you can keep your account going for just $17.95 a month! And remember, you get:

Unlimited sales campaigns…
Unlimited sales letters…
Unlimited leads management…
Unlimited professional training and support…
And much more…

Let me show you what some of our other clients have to say about this system and how it is helping their business:


As of this date … I have a total of 197 that are still in the system receiving follow-up messages every few days, with more coming in everyday.
– Glenn Shafer


I have signed up a couple of people in my Online business last weekend and I have never done that before over a weekend.
– Randy G. Hutchings


I want to thank you for you service you have definitely increased the traffic to my site 100% and in the first week of the campaign I got 5 new signups to my site. It has been well worth the cost.
You have exceeded my expectations.
–Al O’Brien


Friend, … The reason I sent these testimonials isn’t just so I can brag about this system. It is to show you that there are other people out there with their own businesses that are using this same system to boost their own sales.

There is no risk. Let’s get you started today.

Set up your Free 30 Day Trial Here:



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